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Sean's Story

It all began in a small town in Canada, where at the tender age of 12, he found himself washing dishes in a truck stop. School was a disaster for him, so he left feeling he had something to prove.From dishwashing to line cook to bartender at 19, he packed his bags and headed to London, England to immerse himself in the world of bar management. It was there that Sean truly honed his skills and learned the ins and outs of the business. He worked under mentors, not just in bars themselves, which gave him a unique perspective on the industry. But Sean's ambition knew no bounds and soon found him self managing multiple bars.

By the time he reached the age of 27, he had become a bar owner in Sydney, Australia. But Sean's journey didn't stop there. In fact, it was just the beginning. Over the next five years, he went on to open seven more bars and restaurants, expanding his empire and solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in the industry. However, when he welcomed his second child into the world, Sean realized that he wanted a career that would allow him to spend more time with his family.

And so, he made the difficult decision to sell his bar group and embark on a new venture. Enter Barmetrix, Sean's brainchild that started as a consulting firm and eventually grew into a global phenomenon. With his team, he opened 26 offices in 8countries, helping over 8,500 operation teams worldwide. Sean's mission was simple:to measure what matters in bars and provide his clients with a competitive advantage.

But Sean's impact didn't stop there either. He penned a book called "Business of Bars," a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.Instead of traditional publishing, he partnered with Diageo to deliver the book as video courses to over 50 countries. Sean was a man on a mission, traveling the globe and personally teaching his material in over 30 countries.

Today, Sean resides in Annapolis, Maryland, surrounded by his four kids, his girlfriend Ali, and his faithful companion Crosby, the dog. He sits on several boards, continuing to make a difference in the industry he loves. Sean is a masterful storyteller, using his own experiences to inspire and educate audiences around the world.

His unique approach challenges hospitality leaders to think and act differently, embracing simple yet effective business systems and challenging the status quo.Sean's passion for the industry is unwavering, and he finds joy in coaching a group of exceptional bar and restaurant operators while still taking the stage to teach.

Speaking Topics

Operations: Brilliant at the Basics- In the ever-evolving world of bars and restaurants, there's a silent truth: the top 1% excel not in the flashy, but in the fundamentals. While many establishments grapple with the absence of clear goals, budgets, precise measurement systems, dependable reporting, and an effective communication loop, a select few thrive because of the fundamentals. Join Sean as he unveils the operational systems that underpin the world's most celebrated bars and restaurants. Discover why mastering these fundamentals isn't just about profitability, but also about reducing stress and enhancing your establishment's resale value.

*This talk comes with a Step-by-Step ebook guide.

Hospitality: Bottling Lightening- In the realm of our industry, the odds are daunting—8 out of 10 businesses meet their demise. But why does this happen? It's not just about serving up delicious dishes and drinks; it's about something ethereal, something that defies easy definition. It's about how your patrons feel when they are in your venue. They return not solely for sustenance, but for the style and quality of hospitality they encounter. Hospitality, the elusive elixir, is the heart and soul of your enterprise. Yet, it's a riddle that's challenging to unravel, but it is a skill that you and your team can get better at. Sean developed a system that allowed him to buy 8 bars out of bankruptcy and turn them into a thriving bar/restaurant group. This system works for the corner bar and national chains, a globally embraced system taught in 55 countries, and it's the key to success for operations teams all over the world. Whether your establishment is a quaint bistro or a grand culinary empire, Sean will give you this system and show you how to bring it to life.

*This talk comes with a Step-by-Step ebook guide

Mental Health: Flying Too Close to the Sun- Mental health has long cast its shadow over our industry, and regrettably, it's a storm that appears to be picking up momentum. Many bars and restaurant operators, fueled by a belief in their own invincibility, drive themselves to the brink of exhaustion. Sadly, many create a very unhealthy work environment in the process that affects everyone there, not to mention the performance of the business. Sean, our guide on this journey, speaks from the depths of experience, for he too was ensnared in this perilous spiral of mental health himself, paying a heavy toll on multiple fronts. Sean offers us a twofold perspective—one that of a compassionate mentor, coaching others to build healthy work environments, and the other, as a person who's confronted his own mental health battles and made changes outside of the work environment that allowed him to remain healthy in it. Prepare for a talk that is as incisive as it is unfiltered, as practical as it is profound.

Unlocking the Future: AI in Bars and Restaurants- Sean was an early adopter himself and encouraged all of his coaching clients to get on board and they are glad they did! Early results are hard to believe at what is now possible in such a short amount of time.. Sean will share remarkable results that are reshaping the landscape of bars and restaurants. Discover the transformative power of AI as it revolutionizes customer service, operations, and profitability in the hospitality industry. This talk promises to unveil cutting-edge insights, practical strategies, and real-world success stories that will leave you inspired and equipped to harness the potential of AI in your own bar or restaurant.

*This talk comes with a Step-by-Step ebook guide and templates

HR: The HR Machine- this enlightening session where Sean will unveil the game-changing system for building a Human Resources Machine in the world of bars and restaurants. You'll discover the secrets to attracting the right candidates, effectively filtering out the wrong ones, seamlessly onboarding your staff, and celebrating their successes. This proven system has been embraced by some of the world's most prestigious bars and restaurants, and the best part is that it's within reach for everyone in the industry. He'll show you how investing in your people systems can be the quickest path to success for your bar or restaurant. This talk will launch revolutionizing your HR approach, gaining a decisive competitive advantage that will make your establishment a magnet for top talent.

*This talk comes with a Step-by-Step ebook guide

Culture: Forging a Legendary Bar and Restaurant Culture- In the gritty battleground of bars and restaurants, the quest for supremacy goes beyond just the food and drinks—it's about creating a culture that can't be beaten. This isn't some happy accident; it's a battle strategy that kicks staff shortages, high turnover, and low morale to the curb. It's about a new series of habits that leadership adopt to transform the workplace. This talk that's as hard-hitting as it is enlightening. Sean will unveil a game-changing, cost-effective method that's the secret sauce for any establishment. In a world where the new generation is steering clear of toxic cultures, it's time to become the oasis they crave. Remember, "People don't quit companies; they quit people." Learn how to be the kind of place where the best talent flocks to, all while nurturing a culture that's a force to be reckoned with. Don't just aim for greatness; forge it.

Operations: Peak Hour Operations- In the bustling world of bars and restaurants, the rush of peak hours is where the real game unfolds. It's the golden window that separates the thriving from the struggling. Yet, many bars rush to create something new before they've truly harnessed the power of their peak hours. Picture this: 80% of revenue in the bar and restaurant business typically materializes within a mere 20% of operating hours. That's just around 15-20 hours each week, and they are the make-or-break moments that define your success. Everything else is the icing on the cake, the high-margin bonus revenue. Optimizing your bar or kitchen during these crucial hours is both an art and a science. Sean, our guide on this journey, unveils a three-part process honed through real-world case studies with his clients. He offers a step-by-step guide, empowering you to take charge of your own destiny. You will never look at your bar or kitchen the same again, for most bars can boost their dollar-per-output by a staggering 20-40% or more. This might just be the most profitable endeavor you undertake this year—a chance to elevate your establishment and reach new summits of success.

*This talk comes with a Step-by-Step ebook guide

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Feedback from Clients

Why you should work with Sean.....

The integrated approach to business growth as well as personal and health success is amazing.

- Holly Monaco

Working with Sean has been essential for us to distill our philosophy and culture.

- Jack McGarry

We are setting ourselves up for opening new venues in a way we’ve never rolled them out before.

- Gui Jaraschy

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